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Our Services

Rational Fire Design

Whenever a fire breaks out, panic and chaos spreads much faster than the flames themselves. Therefore it is curcial to have the necessary equipment in place to fit small fires and the relevant signage and fire escape plans prepared to guide people outside when a more serious fire breaks out.

With many years of experience in the industry, Taylormade Fire Services will assist you in making your premises as safe as possible in case of a fire and to draft up the full plan and procedure to follow to keep people as safe as possible when the worst happens.

On-Site Fire Risk Assessment

Safe guidelines require that certain buildings, especialy in the workplace, comply with current Fire Safety Regulations. Taylormade Fire Services are ready to assist you in certifying your property to comply with these mandatory regulations.

Supply And Install Of All Fire Prevention Equipment

Taylormade Fire Services offers the full range of Fire Prevention equipment to cater for your every need. But we don't just provide them, we also install and service all our own equipment giving you one company to work with for all your fire prevention needs.

Servicing Of All Fire Equipment To Council Mains

As experts in our industry, Taylormade Fire Services can handle every bit of fire equipment maintenance up to Council Mains. This along with all our other services makes us an ideal partner that caters for all your fire safety needs.

SANS & Insurance Compliance Certificates

The regulations regarding Fire Safety ties in directly with insurance claims. Make sure that you premises is certified to be compliant with insurance requirements and that you have the SANS stamp of approval on all your fire prevention equipment. Taylormade Fire Services can assist you with becoming fully certified and we can also assist you with anything that is preventing your property from qualifying for these certifications.